Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Super Sexy Stories
Sapphic Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Lesbian Science Fiction Erotica set in outer space, the future, dystopian and post-apocalyptic times, filled with aliens, ghosts, zombies. witches and of course sexy lesbians.

This Eight Story Collection contains:

An Obvious and Current Peril: Marti is living a nightmare, a nightmare of a terrifying zombie apocalypse. To her frustration, it seems she is the only one doing anything about it.

The Last Woman on Earth: Erin is a graduate student. She is also trapped in a zombie apocalypse of grand scale. As time passes, and friendS die, she fears she is the last woman on earth.

Sisters of Blood: Galactic environmental anthropologist Gem Gryll lands on a small dwarf planet for a routine survey and is forced to fight for her life to escape.

Endoric Art Academy: Merritt Laveau and her friend Agnes have just completed their Wiccan apprenticeship and begin their installation as witches in the most elite coven in the northern hemisphere..

An Acquired Taste: Gotten Through Environmental Force: Best friends Candice and Stephanie take a girls’ weekend to go commune with nature but run afoul of the gods of the forest.

The Haunting at Specter Peak: Specter Peak School for Girls has been rumored to be haunted for centuries, Pamela and three of her friends find out firsthand why that is.

Not Ready to Face the Light: Mutants emerge to save Earth from a power-mad race of people threatening to conquer their homeworld throughout a Galactic war to end all wars.

The Azure Entity: An azure-hued entity lands on Earth bent on vengeance after three centuries of forced exile and humiliation.

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